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Complete Building Sanitization

Sanitization Solutions for any Building

Ram Restoration provides sales, service, & professional installation of CIMRtech products. CIMRtech uses a safe, effective technology that continuously kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi with an advanced oxidization process.

Our solutions can save thousands of dollars over traditional sanitization methods.
CIMRtech continuously disperses hydroperoxides, which are safe, environmentally friendly oxidizers that convert back to oxygen and hydrogen after killing pollutants.

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Ram Restoration provides solutions for:

Your Home

Let your immune system rest while you’re sleeping. CIMRtech sanitizes the air and surfaces of your home 24/7 – killing bacteria, viruses, and mold. CIMRtech controls odors – including pet odors and other musty smells. Enjoy fresh air indoors and a cleaner, safer environment for your family.

Food Service Establishments

Using CIMRtech in walk-in coolers can help to lengthen the life of produce and perishable foods by reducing the growth of common bacteria. Reducing food waste produces significant cost savings for food service companies CIMRtech can be installed in ice machines to reduce the buildup of bacteria in the machine and in the ice. Restaurants can save hundreds of dollars over costly chlorine tablets by using CIMRtech.

Schools & Childcare Facilities

CIMRtech safely kills odors and sanitizes learning environments without the use of harmful aerosols or harsh chemicals. CIMRtech continuously cleans surfaces – including desks, knobs, faucets, carpets and other surfaces that children touch. Less germs means less likelihood of an illness outbreak.

Sports Complexes

CIMRtech kills odor causing bacteria on surfaces that can’t easily be cleaned, like gym bags, sports gear, lockers, & rubber mats. It is also very effective in killing staph and MRSA strains, which makes it an excellent continuous sanitization solution to include in locker room hygiene programs. Get the benefits of a cleaner facility without the use of harsh chemicals like ozone.

CIMRtech significantly reduces:

  • E-coli (Escherichia coli)
  • Strep (Streptococcus species)
  • H1N1 flu virus (influenza)
  • MRSA (Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)
  • Norovirus (stomach flu)
  • Bacillus species (causes food-borne illness)
  • Candida fungi (causes fungal infections)
  • Listeria (causes meningitis)
  • Mold (including black mold)
  • Bacteria
  • Odors

CIMRtech kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, & mold on every surface and in the air continuously.

CIMRtech (“simmer-tech”) uses specialized UV germicidal light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates natural cleansing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, making up a very diluted, pure hydrogen peroxide gas. These molecules work 24/7 to oxidize and kill airborne and surface germs, contaminants, and odors – sanitizing carpets, walls, countertops and other surfaces while you work and while you sleep.


  • Sanitizes indoor air and surfaces containing viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • Reduces allergens and risk of illnesses
  • Prevents the spread of new viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • Diminishes or eliminates chemical and organic odors
  • Decreases the causes of Sick Building Syndrome
  • Eliminates mold without the cost of major demolition
  • Provides a healthier environment without producing harmful lung irritants, ozone, or pollutants
  • Increases the efficiency of your existing heating & cooling system
  • Works in any occupied building
  • Saves time and money by maintaining a healthy environment

CIMRtech can be installed in existing HVAC systems, or used as a stand-alone wall-plug-in unit. Both offer continuous sanitization and odor elimination in virtually any building.

  • Homes & apartments
  • Schools & universities
  • Businesses & warehouses
  • Restaurants & ice machines
  • Child care facilities
  • Sports facilities & locker rooms
  • Hospitals, clinics, & nursing homes
  • Government & military buildings
  • Any building where clean air and surfaces are desired

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*Disclaimer: CIMRtech products have not yet been approved,
cleared or otherwise authorized by the FDA and are not intended to
diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure any diseases or health conditions.