Mold Inspection, Testing & Remediation Process – Ram Restoration – Dayton Ohio

Mold Inspection & Testing - Ram Restoration - Dayton Ohio

Have you noticed a musty smell in your home or building, or spots on your walls or baseboards that you might think are mold? These situations can sometimes contribute to allergy-like symptoms and an unhealthy environment. Now is a good time to schedule a mold assessment and mold testing appointment. Keep reading to learn how Ram Restoration’s mold inspection and remediation process works.

1. Mold Inspection

First, contact Ram Restoration for an appointment. A certified mold inspector will be scheduled to perform a thorough visual assessment of your residential or commercial building to inspect for signs of mold, mildew and moisture intrusion. Humidity and moisture levels may be checked as well.

At your request, swabs can be taken of select areas that we will then send to a 3rd party independent lab for analysis. He will then explain his initial findings and projected timeline based on your specific situation. He will listen to any concerns you may have, and answer any questions.

2. Mold Samples sent to 3rd Party Lab; Inspection Report Completed

If swabs were taken, the samples will be sent to an independent lab for analysis of any microbes contained within the sample. The lab normally has the results to us within 4-5 days after they receive them.

While the lab is analyzing the samples, the inspector will complete his report for your facility which will include discussion of any problem areas and will list recommended repairs of any water leaks or moisture intrusion, if applicable, as well as a plan for mold remediation.

3. Mold Test Results & Mold Remediation Recommendation

Upon receiving your lab results and the inspector’s completed report, a representative from Ram Restoration will contact you. We will set up a convenient time to go over the lab results and inspection report and answer any questions you might have.

Our mold expert will recommend a course of action for the mold removal and remediation and any recommended repairs. He will answer any questions you may have and give a projected timeline for the project if you would like to move forward. We are truly dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers.