Mold Restoration Process

Mold Inspection & Testing - Ram Restoration - Dayton Ohio

Mold on its own is a burden on many families. Not only is it annoying to take care of, it also presents health risks to many people. A key to preventing mold growth is by treating it early. The best time to treat mold is as soon as you’ve noticed its growth. If you’re unsure of the mold restoration process, know that Ram Restoration is Dayton’s trusted mold remediation and restoration company.

Identify the Source of Moisture

Mold grows because there’s some kind of moisture in the area. The first step Ram Restoration will take is to identify the source of the moisture. This step is crucial. It does not make sense to treat for mold growth without identifying where the moisture is coming from. Only after the source of moisture is identified can real work start on remediation and restoration.

Evaluate the Severity of Mold Problem

Once the source of the moisture has been identified, we’re able to evaluate the severity of the mold problem. Even if you call when you first realize there’s mold growth in your home or office, there’s always the chance that’s not when mold started to grow. By taking a step back to evaluate the severity of the mold problem, we can accurately assess the situation. This means you’ll better understand how long the mold has grown. Typically, the more moisture in an area, the more likely mold will grow.

Recommend Action

Once those steps are completed, we recommend the action you take. Ram Restoration is pleased to offer a free estimate to customers with mold problems.

Mold Restoration Process Starts

Once the first three steps are completed, our mold remediation experts can start the mold remediation process. At Ram Restoration, we help you clean out any items damaged by mold damage. We also take the time to sanitize the air and any surfaces affected by mold. With our sanitization process, we cut down on the likelihood of mold growth, bacterial growth, and viral growth. We’ve implemented this process in many Dayton homes and offices. Many families and business owners choose this option to cut down on any illnesses that may result from mold growth.

What Happens if Mold Isn’t Treated?

Mold presents a variety of health problems. Sensitive groups, like those with allergies and asthma, may experience worse symptoms if mold is present. Some of the symptoms of mold presence include runny noses and sneezing, headaches and dizziness, and skin irritations. Remember, those are some of the more common symptoms of mold exposure. There are always other symptoms that show up as well. By treating mold growth early, you lessen the likelihood of illness due to exposure.

No one wants to see mold in their homes. If you do see mold, know that you have treatment options available. With Ram Restoration, you’re getting a company that has treated mold in a variety of buildings, ranging from schools to homes and everything in between. Turn to a company that offers a quick turnaround time. Contact Ram Restoration for your free mold estimate and start the mold remediation process.