Mold Presence and Children

Mold Presence and Children Ram Restoration

Mold growth presents a serious health hazard for a variety of age groups. However, children have some increased health problems if they’re exposed to mold. Mold presence and children presents a major health hazard. If caught early, there won’t be as significant health problems in your children. However, as mold continues to grow, certain health problems may present themselves.

Respiratory Problems and Asthma

One of the biggest signs of mold presence in children is the development of respiratory problems. Some children may even develop asthma. When you breathe, you take in the surrounding air around you. This may include mold spores. Breathing these spores in means they exist inside your body. The spores may attach to different parts of the body, including the lungs. Some of the symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, and any other common allergy symptoms.

Neurological Symptoms

Not only do respiratory problems develop, but neurological symptoms may occur. This means brain functions may be impaired. While that sounds scary, this is only found with trichothecene mycotoxins from black mold and happens over a prolonged exposure. Some of the signs include disorientation, memory problems, trembling or shaking, and numbness. If you notice a change in your child over time, it’s a sign that something may be wrong. Talk to your child’s doctor if your concerned about their behavior.

Skin and Eye Irritation

Have you noticed that out of nowhere your child’s skin seems more irritated than before? Many people have mold allergies, and skin irritation is a common sign of that allergy. Keep an eye on their skin, especially if they have sensitive skin, and look for an improvement or worsening of symptoms.

In addition to skin irritation, mold can also cause eye irritation. If their eyes are red and itchy more than normal, it’s a sign of mold presence in your children’s systems.


If your child consistently has a fever, it’s a sign there may be mold growing in your home. However, don’t automatically assume every fever means there’s mold growing in your home. Fevers occur for a variety of reasons. Keep track of the occurrences to help determine if there’s a mold problem.


Does your child have frequent headaches? Many factors cause headaches. One of the causes of headaches include mold presence. Be sure to track the first few headaches and see if there’s a cause for the headaches. If you have multiple children, see if their headaches happen at the same time. It could be a sign that mold is growing in your home.

You want your children to be happy and healthy. In terms of mold presence and children, the more mold growth, the more likely you and your children will develop health problems. If you’re looking for a mold removal and remediation company, look no further than Ram Restoration. Serving Dayton and its surrounding areas, we work with you to get rid of mold currently growing and prevent new growth. Give us a call now to get started.