Water Damage and Home Materials

Water Damage and Home Materials Ram Restoration

No one wants a flood in their home. Water damage means you have to replace a large number of items. However, you might also have some items that don’t need replaced. Over the years, Ram Restoration has noticed what water damage and home materials are more affected than others. We’ve compiled a list of water damage and home materials affected by floods.


Depending on the flood, clothing may or may not be savable after a flood. If the flood come from a burst pipe inside your home, you simply need to follow the washing instructions on the clothing. However, should the water come from a sewer, you’ll need to replace the clothing. Even with following the manufacturer’s instructions, you won’t get rid of any health hazards that may stay on the clothing. Play it on the safe side and purchase new clothing if you aren’t sure the type of flood water.


Just like with clothing, we can save certain kinds of furniture. If you have solid wood furniture, we can wipe it down. From there, we let the furniture air dry. Typically, that’s all we need to do. However, if it’s a laminated wood, we don’t have any options. Generally, we’ll have to throw out the furniture. Additionally, padded furniture doesn’t handle water damage well. Just like laminated wood furniture, padded furniture needs thrown out.

Carpeting and Flooring

Typically, carpeting takes the brunt of the water damage. We work to dry the carpet out, but sometimes the damage is already done. If that’s the case, we’ll work to find a similar replacement when we start the restoration process. However, in some cases, we separate the carpet and padding, resulting in only the padding needing replaced.

Flooring may be a different story. However, it depends on the stage when you called us. For instance, if a flood occurred somewhere with a tile floor, the tile won’t be affected. But, the grout in between the tiles may not be as lucky. As always, the earlier you contact a professional, the less extensive damage you’ll have.


Under no circumstances should you try to turn on electronics to see if they work. Doing so may result in more damage to the product or yourself. Unless they work and run properly after damage, like your fridge still runs, it’s best to just replace the electronics.

Important Documents

Do not try to restore important documents on your own. Even with the best intentions, you may accidentally damage the documents even more. We have a process to try and save your documents from water damage. When it doubt, leave it to the professionals.

Flooding in your home means many things. If you catch the flood early, the water damage won’t affect as many items. If your home recently flooded and you need someone to help, turn to Ram Restoration. With years of experience, we offer water damage restoration services. We work with you and your insurance company from start to finish. If you need to get started, give Ram Restoration a call now.