Commercial Water Damage Causes

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Residential and commercial buildings face many issues when it comes to water damage. For residential dwellings, it only affects your family. However, in commercial buildings, water damages affects you and all your employees. If untreated, water damage may lead to mold growth, which creates even more problems. In order to identify water damage, you need to know the areas where water damage most occurs. Below, you’ll find some common commercial water damage causes.

Sprinkler Systems

When sprinkler systems malfunction, water damage occurs from the displaced water. If your sprinkler system is older, the likelihood of a sprinkler system malfunction increases. If you notice wet or soggy carpet underneath a sprinkler, it may be a sign that something happened with your sprinkler system. To counteract this, schedule regular maintenance of your sprinkler system. Also, if it’s been a while, you’ll need to consider replacing them.

Ruptured Pipes

Just like old sprinkler systems cause problems, old pipes that rupture may also cause extensive water damage to your commercial building. Ruptured pipes typically carry more in commercial settings than residential settings. Because of that, burst pipes present a serious problem for commercial buildings. Pipes burst for many different reasons. However, when they burst, water begins to pool in places water shouldn’t be. This creates a major problem fast. You’ll notice water damage from ruptured pipes when discoloration appears on walls and ceilings of your building.

Sewer Line Back Up

The pipes in your commercial building handle a lot of things. Those pipes ultimately end up in sewer lines. From time to time, your sewer line may back up. Not only does a sewer line back up cause water damage, it also causes problems for your office. The back up from this causes black water and is toxic for everyone who encounters it. By performing routine checkups, this eliminates the likelihood of something bad happening.

Damaged Windows and Doors

Do you have windows and doors that don’t shut properly? It’s a sign those doors and windows are damaged. From there, it makes it easier for water to enter your property. While they let little amounts of water in, that water still gives you water damage problems. You’ll need to repair the doors and the windows, but fixing the water damage is the first important issue.

Prevention Tips

Overall, performing regular checks of your commercial building will help identify any water damage. The more often you perform these checks, the earlier you’ll catch any new water damage. If you notice any spots that look suspicious, it’s best to air on the side of caution and contact a professional to make sure there isn’t an underlying cause.

Water damage needs corrected as soon as you notice it. Doing this prevents any other issues that may develop. At Ram Restoration, we work with you from beginning to end from these common commercial water damage causes. If you’ve recently discovered water damage, contact a professional company as soon as possible. Contact us now to start the water damage removal process.