Commercial and Residential Services

Commercial and Residential Services Ram Restoration

Commercial and residential properties have different uses for them. But when mold or water damage strikes, you’ll need to treat them, regardless of the property type. At Ram Restoration, we serve both residential and commercial properties treat water damage and mold problems. If you’re looking for commercial and residential services to get rid of your mold or water damage, Ram Restoration is here to help.

Our Commercial Services

At Ram Restoration, we perform water damage restoration and mold remediation for commercial spaces. In terms of water damage restoration, we know that a fast response time is crucial when it comes to treatment. That’s why we aim for a 30 to 60 minute response time for all water damage claims. We’ll come to your space and evaluate its needs. Then, we’ll develop a treatment plan prepared based on the needs of your space. Additionally, we can also perform a commercial mold remediation to get mold spore levels down to acceptable levels to protect you and your employees from mold sickness. We will work fast to minimize any disruptions to your business.

Our Residential Services

We also offer residential services. We can do both residential water damage restoration and mold remediations in your home. Just like with our commercial services, we also aim for a 30 to 60 minute response time when it comes to water damage restoration. Mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours when excess moisture is present in your space, so it’s important to get there fast to prevent any additional damage to your space. We’ll work to complete the work quickly to make sure there are no minimal interruptions to your family life.

Is There a Certain Order to Services?

We have a specific order that we perform the services depending on your reason for calling. For instance, if you have had extensive water damage in your space, we’ll perform the water damage restoration first. Then we’ll start the mold remediation portion of the process. If you have water damage, we’ll always perform a mold remediation to ensure that mold won’t start to grow in your space. But if you have the need for mold remediation, we’ll perform the mold remediation unless we discover your space has water damage, in which we’ll treat the water damage and the mold together. It’s important to know a water damage restoration and mold remediation company before you actually need it to keep your space safe for those involved.

Commercial and residential services are designed to keep people around you safe from water damage and mold. They also protect you from damage that water damage and mold causes to your health. At Ram Restoration, we understand the need to keep those closest to you safe and healthy. Need someone to take care of water damage or mold remediation needs? We are here to help. Contact Ram Restoration today.