Mold Exposure Symptoms

Mold Exposure Symptoms Ram Restoration

Are you concerned about your health? Minimizing your exposure to mold is one way to take charge of your health. As the fall allergy season kicks off in Dayton and the southwest Ohio region, you may start to experience a number of different allergy symptoms. But what if you aren’t experiencing allergy symptoms but instead mold exposure symptoms? The symptoms can mimic each other. If you’re looking for some of the most common mold exposure symptoms, Ram Restoration is here to help. We will help you determine whether you have mold in your space or if you’re experiencing typical southwest Ohio allergies.

Stuffy Nose

One of the most common symptom of mold exposure is a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, it’s also a major allergy symptom as well. The best way to tell if it’s from allergies or mold is based on how long your stuffy nose lasts. When your stuffy nose is from allergies, it will typically go away within a few days. But, if the stuffy nose is from mold exposure, it will last longer.

Skin Rash

Have you gotten a skin rash and don’t know what the cause of it is? It could be a sign of mold exposure. Remember, it can happen over time, not right away, so if it develops over time, it could mean that you’ve been exposed to mold somewhere. Skin rashes can come from a number of different reasons, so it’s not a distinct symptom of mold exposure.

Dry Skin

In addition to having a skin rash, you may also experience dry skin or scaly skin. Dry and scaly skin isn’t commonly an allergy symptom, so if you experience dry skin out of the blue and don’t have dry skin on a regular basis, it’s a sign that you may have been exposed to mold over a long period of time.

Coughing, Sneezing, and Wheezing

Another common symptom of mold exposure is coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. If you have asthma or are younger or older, the coughing, sneezing, and wheezing will be worse. Additionally, if you’ve previously had allergies in the past, these symptoms will also be worse compared to people who don’t have asthma or had allergies in the past.

Red or Itchy Eyes

Are you experiencing red or itchy eyes? This is also another common mold exposure symptom that also shares allergy symptoms. Again, if it’s allergy related, it will go away within a few days. But if your eyes stay red or itchy for a long time, you’ll want to look into a mold test.

Mold exposure symptoms and allergy symptoms are closely related. If you’re concerned about mold exposure symptoms, having a mold test completed on your space can give you peace of mind. Ram Restoration can help get the samples for the mold testing and will walk you through the results of the test. If needed, we’ll perform a mold remediation on your space. We can work with you from start to finish. Need help with a mold remediation? Contact Ram Restoration today.