Common Water Damage Causes

Common Water Damage Causes Ram Restoration

Does your home or office have water damage? At Ram Restoration, we’ve helped numerous businesses and homes across the Dayton area restore their space from water damage. Wondering the reason for water damage? The causes of water damage vary based on the space. Curious about the common water damage causes? Ram Restoration is here to help. We are a fully licensed and insured water damage restoration company and are ready to help you restore and repair your residential or commercial space from water damage.

Severe Weather

Severe weather can cause a lot of water damage in your home or office if the conditions are right. While we’re starting to move away from a lot of the severe summer and fall storms likely to happen, they still can occur at any time of the year. If your roof is in poor shape, it can cause water to come into your home and cause water damage in your home or office.

Broken Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage. Sometimes you know right away when pipes are burst because you can see the water. Other times, the leak happens in your walls and takes some time for you to realize that a pipe in your space broke. If that’s the case, you’ll want to learn some of the different signs of water damage, such as peeling paints or bubbling wallpaper.

Hidden Leaks

Similarly with the broken and burst pipes, hidden leaks will also cause a lot of water damage in your space. While you’ll want to know some of the signs of water damage, you’ll also want to make sure you check areas you don’t spend a lot of time, such as basements and attics, to see if there’s water damage and potential for mold growth, especially if the hidden leaks have been there for a while.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are another way that water damage happens in your home or office. Gutters should help move debris away from your space. But when you have clogged gutters, they don’t function as well and cause debris and water to sit there. As the water builds up, it starts to seep into your home or office. Make sure the gutters are regularly cleaned and maintained in order to prevent water damage.

Excess Condensation

Excess condensation in your home or office can lead to water damage and subsequent mold growth. Make sure that your space has a relative humidity that’s conducive to keeping you comfortable while minimizing the amount of moisture in your home or office. If there’s too much excess condensation, it can also lead to mold growth, which will also need treated.

The common water damage causes are some of the most popular reasons for water damage in your home or office space. But it’s not the only reason for water damage. Whenever you notice water damage, it’s important to contact the professionals at Ram Restoration to handle the water damage restoration. The sooner you call, the less likely mold will grow. Need water damage repaired? Contact Ram Restoration today.