Preserving Documents After Flooding

Preserving Documents After a Flood Ram Restoration

Water damage affects many different things in people’s homes. While it’s easy to remove and restore some items in your home, others aren’t as easy to salvage. For instance, important documents may be affected by a flood in your home. While you want to save the documents, you don’t want to cause further damage to the documents. At Ram Restoration, we work with you to restore as many of the documents as possible in order to make preserving documents a possibility. However, before we arrive on the scene, you may try to remove the documents from the flooded area. If you do this, follow these tips to preserve documents after flooding.

Act Quickly

We’ve covered how acting quickly helps save areas in your home or office from water damage or mold growth. That same mentality goes for saving any important documents. As soon as a flood happens, you need to remove the important documents from the flooded area. The area you move the documents to doesn’t matter; just keep them away from water. Also, if the documents are stuck together, try to avoid separating them at first. Doing so may spread the water to the other documents.

Some of these important documents may include:

  • Birth certificates and social security cards
  • Marriage licenses
  • Tax information
  • Family photos

Act early to save these items from water damage and mold growth.

Remove Documents from Flooded Area

When it comes to removing the documents, you need to move them far away from the flooded areas. We also recommend moving any important documents that aren’t affected by the water as well. As water moves throughout the area, it will touch anything present. If you leave dry, important documents near the water, you risk those dry documents getting wet. When you move the wet documents, remember to move the dry ones. However, you’ll want to store those documents separately. If mold is already growing on the wet documents, it could spread to the dry documents, creating more of an issue.

Contact a Restoration Company

As soon as you notice a flood, you need to contact a restoration company. That’s where Ram Restoration comes in. We work around the clock to make sure your family is taken care of. Additionally, we work with you from start to finish in the whole restoration process. If you want to leave saving your important documents to the professionals, we can help. We recommend waiting for professionals to save your important documents so that way nothing bad accidentally happens to those documents. In fact, it’s one of the steps in our restoration process.

Preserving documents after flooding is important for your family. Depending on the type of document, it may not be easy to replace them. By contacting a professional water damage restoration company, you know they take every step necessary to restore those documents. Ram Restoration does that for you. If your home recently flooded, act fast to cut down on water damage in your home. Contact us now to start the restoration process.