Roof Water Damage Causes

Roof Water Damage Causes Ram Restoration

When it comes to your home, certain areas are more prone to water damage compared to others. For instance, your roof and your basement are two of the more common areas many people experience water damage. When it comes to roof water damage, you need to stay diligent and keep an eye on things to prevent extensive damage, especially after periods of high rain. At Ram Restoration, we have the experience to take care of water damage in many different areas of your home. As your local water damage company, we know the best ways to treat water damage in all areas of your home. Below, we’ll go over roof water damage causes and the signs of roof water damage.

Signs of Roof Water Damage

While cases of water damage differ from house to house, there are still some commonalities between signs of roof water damage. One of the most common signs of roof water damage is a discolored spot on your ceiling. The colored spot differs depending on the color of your ceiling. Typically, it appears as a brown spot. Other common signs include bubbling ceiling paint, a musty smell, and rotting wood.

Broken Shingles

One of the most common reasons of water damage is broken shingles. Your roof’s shingles break for different reasons. However, once you notice broken shingles, you don’t have much time before water damage happens. If there’s recently been high winds or other forms of damaging weather, you should check your roof to make sure nothing broke off.

Flashing Damage

Does your home have skylights, a chimney, or vent pipes on your roof? If it does, you’ll need to make sure the flashing installed with it was installed properly. Many times, improperly installed flashing results in water damage. Additionally, the flashing that was installed wrong may collect excess water, resulting in mold growth, which is equally bad for your family.

Valley Damage

Another area is in the valley of your roof. The valley is the spot where two parts of the roof meet. Extra water from rain tends to accumulate in that area, resulting in water damage. Certain types of valleys decrease the chances of water damage, so talk to your roofing company to see if they can make that happen.

Clogged Gutters

Finally, clogged gutters create a problem for your roof. The gutters help move water away from your water to downspouts, which deposit water farther away from your house to avoid flooding. When your gutters clog with leaves and other debris, it causes the water to stay in that spot, resulting in damage.

Roof water damage doesn’t do your home any good. If you suspect you have water damage or have noticed any of the signs, you need to contact the professionals immediately. At Ram Restoration, we’re proud of our reputation in the Dayton, Ohio, area and our quick response time. If you think your home has water damage, don’t wait. Contact Ram Restoration now.