Water Damage Types

Water Damage Types Ram Restoration

When you discover water damage in your home or office, you want to ask fast. Not only is water damage unsightly; it may also present health risks to you and those around you. The more severe the water damage, the higher a chance mold growth has started or will start soon. You need to act fast in order to avoid the water damage progressing into the different water damage types and growing mold. At Ram Restoration, we are your professional water damage company. We can handle help you from start to finish. And, because we also handle mold remediation and removal, we can help with any mold growth that may have occurred.

Clean Water

Alternatively, you may hear this water damage type referred to as category 1. This type of water damage doesn’t typically cause a health threat to those around you because there’s few microbes present in the water. Clean water results from an overflowing sink or a burst pipe. It may even be from rainwater that enters your home. This is the simplest form of water damage to fix and doesn’t typically cause any health problems. However, it’s still serious, so you’ll still need to act fast.

Gray Water

Gray water is considered category 2 water damage. It’s more serious than clean water because it may present a slight health risk to your family. Gray water happens when an appliance overflows and is left sitting there for a certain period of time. This water damage type generally has some kind of microbe that grows the longer it isn’t treated, exposing those around you to different illnesses. In order to protect those around you, you need to act fast if you notice this water damage type.

Black Water

The last type of water damage is black water or category 3 water damage. This is the most severe form of water damage. This type of water damage may contain microbes from many different sources, like from sewers or floodwater that brings sewage into your home, making you very sick. While there are times you can clean water damage on your own, this is not the water damage type to do it.

When Should I Call?

As a general rule of thumb, you should always call the professionals when you discover water damage. What you may consider clean water may actually be gray or black water, which can result in illnesses for you, your family, or your employees. Additionally, we have the ability to check to see if mold is growing because of the water damage. Even if you don’t have mold growth, we’ll still treat the area to prevent a mold outbreak from forming.

The different water damage types mean different things for your home or office. Regardless of the stage or type of water damage you think you may have it means you have to act fast to stop the damage and potential for mold growth. Ram Restoration is here to help. With a fast response time, we can help restore your property to its pre-loss state. Contact us now.