How Mold Damages Your Home

How Mold Damages Your Home Ram Restoration

Of all the things you can find in your home, mold and water damage are some of the worst ones to find. When you discover mold, you’ll want to act fast in order to get sick. But, you’ll also want to take care of mold to avoid damage to your home. At Ram Restoration, we are professional mold remediation and removal experts and have helped many homes and commercial spaces in the Dayton area solve their mold problem. Learn how mold damages your home and how to prevent mold from spreading.

Impacts Air Quality

Having mold in your home negatively impacts your house’s air quality. The more mold in your home, the worse the air quality is in your home. If mold spores are in your home’s HVAC system, you have a high risk of spreading mold throughout the house as the system. To reduce the likelihood of spreading mold through your home and protect indoor air quality, you’ll want to look for ways to reduce the moisture in your home. That includes running the exhaust fan during showers and wiping up spills as soon as they happen.

Eats Away at Materials

Certain materials in your home are attractive to mold. When mold finds those materials, the mold eats away at it, making it weaker than it was previously. However, it takes a long time for the mold damage to get to that point. Remember, it’s important to contact the professionals to treat the mold in your home as soon as you notice it to prevent damage to your home and prevent your family from getting sick.

Causes Structural Damage

If you do not treat mold, it can cause structural damage over time. If the mold in your home goes untreated for extremely long periods of time, it can cause so much damage that the structure of your home is damaged. When the structure of your home is damaged, it creates major problems for your home. While it takes a long time for mold to cause structural damage, it doesn’t mean you should wait once you notice mold in your home. When you first find or suspect mold, you’ll want to call the mold remediation experts to treat the problem and prevent mold from coming back in the future.

Impacts People Living in Your Home

Mold not only impacts the inanimate objects in your home, it also impacts the people living in your home. If you unwittingly spend time around mold, it may make you sick. A lot of the symptoms surrounding mold illness is similar to some of the common allergy symptoms, so you’ll want to consider whether the symptoms are out of the ordinary for you. If anything does seem out of the ordinary in terms of symptoms, you’ll need to go to your primary care physician and contact mold remediation experts.

Mold needs taken care of as soon as you find it. Mold damages your home over time if it’s not treated, so it’s important that you act fast. At Ram Restoration, we’ve helped many people with their mold problems and have taken steps to ensure mold doesn’t happen in the same spot from the same source. We’re here to help with your mold remediation and any water damage restoration you may have. Contact us today.