How Humidity Impacts Mold Growth

How Humidity Impacts Mold Growth Ram Restoration

If you’re looking for ways to control mold growth in your home or office, you may have many different options. One of the ways you can stay vigilant in checking for mold growth is controlling the humidity of your space. Humidity impacts mold growth in your space. When the relative humidity is too high, it can encourage mold growth, as mold needs wet or damp conditions to grow. If you discover mold in your space, you’ll want to contact the mold remediation experts at Ram Restoration. We’ve worked to remediate different homes and businesses in the Dayton area and know how humidity impacts mold growth.

Why Does Mold Grow

Mold grows anywhere that water or moisture is present. The more humidity in a space, the higher a chance of mold growth. Anytime the relative humidity is higher than 60 percent, mold growth will start. It’s best to keep your humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent to discourage mold growth.

Where Is Mold Commonly Found

In general, mold can grow anywhere as long as the conditions are conducive to mold growth. However, there are certain spaces in your home or office that are likely to have a higher chance of mold growth.

One of the most common spaces for mold to grow is in the basement. Because basements are underground, there’s a higher chance of water and moisture seeping inside your home. Additionally, kitchens are another place where mold is likely to grow. Finally, bathrooms are another place prone to mold growth. If you’re looking to cut down on mold growth in these spaces, you’ll want to try and control the humidity in their spaces. Also, the more you clean the spaces, the less likely mold will grow.

How Can I Control Humidity

You have many different ways to control humidity in your space. The more steps you take to control humidity, the less of a chance mold will start growing in your home or office.

The first option you have is to run a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works to remove moisture from the air. It collects the moisture in a bucket that will need emptied from time to time. Many people have dehumidifiers in their basements because basements have less ventilation compared to other areas in your home.

Another option is running the exhaust fan in your home when people take showers. The exhaust fan keeps air moving and can prevent a buildup of moisture. Remember, the more moisture a space has, the more likely mold will start to grow. Additionally, when you dry your clothes, make sure the vent to your dryer goes outside of your home. That prevent moisture from staying in your home, which is a factor in mold growing.

Stop mold growth by controlling the humidity in your space. Keep your family members and employees safe by controlling the humidity and stopping mold growth that could make them sick. If you discover mold growth, contact the mold remediation experts at Ram Restoration. We’ll work to treat the mold and work to stop it from coming back. Contact us today if you’ve found mold growing in your space.