Developing a Water Damage Recovery Plan

Developing a Water Damage Recovery Plan Ram Restoration

Have you recently discovered water damage in your home or office? It’s certainly enough to wreak havoc on the goings on in your life. As soon as you notice water damage, it’s important that you contact the professionals to handle the restoration of your property. But you also have small steps you can take to help in the restoration. Developing a water damage recovery plan puts you in control of who you call and gives you steps to take before the restoration company arrives.

Call The Professionals

Your very first step should always be to call the professionals to handle water damage. Ram Restoration is a professional water damage restoration company. We are fully insured and are an IICRC water damage restoration certified firm. The IICRC is an accreditation we receive that shows our customers we are able to handle water damage restoration cases that come our way. We also have a fast response time when it comes to water damage claims and aim to be at your property within 30 to 60 minutes of receiving your call.

Take Photos

Next, you’ll want to take pictures of the water damage. This can help you get money from your homeowner’s insurance or business insurance policies. The photos will be used to prove that there was damage to your property and can help you when it comes to making a claim. As you take photos, make sure you stay safe. Stay away from electrical outlets, especially if there’s a chance the water may have affected the outlets. You’ll also want to make sure you wear study shoes to avoid slipping and falling because of any standing water that may be present.

Be On The Lookout For Mold

Depending on the extent of the water damage, mold growth could be right behind. In the right conditions, mold can start growing when water is present in 24 to 48 hours. If you’re unsure how long you’ve had the water damage, it’s best to have someone check to see if mold has started to grow. Ram Restoration is also able to handle the mold remediation in addition to the water damage restoration. We’ll perform the water damage restoration first, then perform a mold remediation. If there isn’t any mold present, we’ll still treat the area to make sure mold doesn’t grow.

Remove Extra Water

If you’re able to, you’ll want to remove any excess water that’s present. This is something you can do before the restoration experts arrive. However, you’ll want to make sure the water is clear water. Clear water typically comes from broken pipes or sprinkler systems and won’t cause you any health problems if you were to drink it. If it’s gray or black, leave the cleanup to the experts.

It’s best to know a water damage restoration company before you need one. At Ram Restoration, we’ve served the Dayton area since 2002 and have helped with both commercial and residential water damage restoration and mold remediation. If you’re developing a water damage recovery plan, have Ram Restoration be your water damage restoration company. Contact us today to help your commercial or residential water damage restoration.