Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Water Damage Restoration and Repair Ram Restoration

When you discover water damage in your home or office, you don’t often think about what the different terms mean. For instance, even though water damage restoration and repair sound like they could mean the same thing and be interchangeable, they are two different terms that encompass a whole water damage restoration treatment plan. At Ram Restoration, we understand that you want the water damage restoration completed quickly and completed correctly. Our restoration experts take the time to perform water damage restoration and repair that returns your space to its pre-loss condition.

Quick Response Time

We know that water damage means something is wrong with your home or office. That’s why we aim to respond to all water calls within 30 to 60 minutes. The quick response time gives you peace of mind that someone is going to be to your home soon while also minimizing the damage to your space, especially if the excess water has just started pooling in your space.

Removal of Excess Water

Once we get to your space, we get to work. We start by extracting and removing the water from your space. The reason for the water in your space could be from a number of sources, such as sewage leaks, burst pipes, or backed up sump pumps. Because of the different places the water can come from, it’s best to let the professionals handle the extraction and removal to avoid accidentally harming yourself.

Dry Out Your Space

Once we remove the water from your space, we’ll work on drying it out. This is an important step because we can’t start the next phase of work until the area is completely dry. Drying out your space helps prevent mold and mildew from growing, which presents many problems. We’ll use dehumidifiers, structural drying, and moisture detection equipment to make sure your area affected by water is dry before starting restoration and repair.

Start Cleaning

Once moisture levels are at an acceptable level, we’ll start cleaning the space. We’ll also take the time to protect anything important that may be hard to replace, like important documents or keepsakes. If the items haven’t been affected by water, we’ll have you move them to another location. Make sure you don’t throw anything out, as there’s a chance we can restore the documents.

Restore, Repair, Replace Your Items

Finally, we’ll work on restoring, repairing, and replacing your items. We’ll perform a mold remediation to make sure that the water damage hasn’t lead to mold growth. We’ll also work on restoring the space to how it looked before water affected the space. We can either repair any items. Or, if the items have too much damage, we’ll replace them. That way, it looks like it did before the flood.

Water damage restoration and repair should be done by the experts. At Ram Restoration, we are the Dayton area’s restoration experts. Whether your home or office was damaged by excess water, we can treat the water damage. We’ll also work to prevent potential mold growth and more. Need water damage treated in your space? Contact us today.