Mold Remediation Solutions

Mold Remediation Solutions Ram Restoration

Does your home or office have mold in it? The sooner you take care of the mold present, the less likely those around you will get sick. If you’re looking for mold remediation solutions, your first step should be to call mold remediation experts. At Ram Restoration, we are the mold remediation experts for Dayton and the surrounding areas. Whether you need commercial mold remediation solutions or residential mold remediation solutions, we are here to help.

Hire Professionals

The most important step you should take when it comes to mold remediation is to hire a professional company. At Ram Restoration, we are a licensed and insured mold remediation company and have been since 2002. We’ve worked with both homeowners and business owners to get rid of mold and make homes and businesses safer for people to be in with our mold remediation services. We have a specific set of steps we go through to get rid of mold and help ensure that it doesn’t come back in the future.

Perform Checks Often

There’s also steps you can take to make sure that mold isn’t growing in your space. The best way to do that is to stay vigilant and perform regular mold checks in your home. You’ll want to check the spaces you spend a lot of time in, like bedrooms and gathering areas. But you’ll also want to check areas you don’t spend a lot of time in, like attics and crawl spaces. Attics and crawl spaces are likely to grow mold because of the type of materials in them and the fact that they aren’t checked often. Additionally, you’ll want to perform checks for places that have high amounts of water running through them, like bathrooms and kitchens to avoid mold growth.

Know Where Mold is Likely to Grow

There are spaces in your home or office that are more susceptible to mold growth. By knowing what those spaces are, you know where to focus your attention to make sure mold doesn’t spread through your space and get people sick. As mentioned above, you’ll want to regularly check attics and crawl spaces because mold is highly likely to grow there unnoticed. Every so often, go to places where you don’t spend a lot of time and make sure there isn’t any discolorations or water marks. Those are signs that mold is growing or will start to grow in the future.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Come Back

If you do have a mold problem, you’ll want to make sure it’s taken care of promptly. By hiring professionals, you make sure that’s accomplished. But you’ll also want to make sure that the people who treat for mold make sure that it doesn’t come back in the future. We’re known for taking care of our customers and making sure that mold doesn’t affect their lives.

Need mold remediation solutions? At Ram Restoration, we’ve worked with homeowners and business owners to stop mold from growing in their space. We’re ready to do the same for you. Wherever the mold came from, we can get rid of the mold and work to keep it from coming back. Need help getting rid of mold? Contact us today.