Commercial Water Damage Repair

Commercial Water Damage Repair Ram Restoration

Are you a business owner? You have to deal with a number of things when it comes to your company. One of the things you shouldn’t have to worry about is water damage. But if your commercial space has water damage, you’ll want to get it taken care of right away. At Ram Restoration, we’ve helped many homes and business with water damage restoration and repair. Need commercial water damage repair? Ram Restoration can help. Learn about our water damage repair services and how we’re different from other restoration companies.

Why Choose Ram Restoration

Ram Restoration is the premier mold remediation and water damage restoration company in the area. We understand the water damage takes a major toil on day to day life. That’s why we aim for a 30 to 60 minute response time to get to your place. Additionally, we’ll perform both the water damage repair and a mold remediation because mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours following increased moisture exposure.

Extraction of Water

To start, we’ll remove and extract all of the excess water from your place. We always start with this step to make sure the water is gone from your commercial space to ensure that water won’t cause any problems during the next steps of the commercial water damage repair process. We extract the water in different ways but won’t move on to the next step until the water is gone.

Start the Drying Process

Once all of the water has been removed from your space, we’ll start the drying process. We use a variety of different tools to help make sure the space is dry before we start cleaning and repairing the affected space. One way we do this is with proprietary equipment that helps reduce any present mold spores. We’ll also use industrial fans to quickly dry out your space. This stops once the moisture levels in your space have returned to normal.

Clean and Repair Your Items

Once the space is dry, we’ll clean and repair any items that may have been affected. This includes any documents that may have been affected by the water. We don’t recommend trying to fix any documents on your own as it can damage them even more.

Perform a Mold Remediation

Finally, we’ll perform a mold remediation. Even if you think mold hasn’t started to grow, we’ll perform the mold remediation. Mold starts to grow quickly following excess moisture in the space. By performing the mold remediation, we ensure that mold won’t start to grow following the water damage repair. We’ll bring mold levels down to normal, acceptable levels and prevent it from growing in the future.

When it comes to commercial water damage repair, you want a company that has the ability to treat it in a reasonable amount of time. Whether you’re looking for a commercial water damage repair company or a residential mold remediation company, Ram Restoration can help you. We are located in Moraine and serve local communities, like Springboro, Dayton, Centerville, and more. Ready to get started with your commercial water damage repair? Contact Ram Restoration today.