Winter Mold: Tis the Season

Winter Mold Tis the Season Ram Restoration

Now that we are reaching the winter months, let’s talk about winter mold. As the seasons change, humidity varies. This is explained by the temperature dropping in the winter. Warm air in your home interacts with the cold glass of the windows, doors and other exits in your house. After that interaction, moisture forms. Moreover, moisture builds up in those areas. The possibility of winter mold increases greatly.


Mold allergies are year-round and very common. Mold allergies cause many unfortunate symptoms. Coughing, itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose, and watery eyes are some of the most common ailments. Winter mold increases these symptoms due to the cold weather. You might get extreme versions of these symptoms. Most allergy symptoms decrease during the winter, but since winter mold grows well indoors, you are more likely to experience these symptoms. As people are inside constantly, the winter mold affects the body more.

Prevent Winter Mold Growth

All in all, it’s pretty clear that mold is not desired. Take steps to prevent the growth of this unfortunate seasonal visitor. These are quick and easy actions you can take!

  1. Check on your pipes, plumbing and leaky faucets before winter begins. This will prevent excess water and moisture.
  2. Continuously clean the windows and areas where water is most accessible. Keep these areas dry.
  3. Monitor the humidity by checking on your AC regularly. Keep it below 50% at all times.
  4. Use the ventilation to your advantage during showers and baths.
  5. Take out old fabric, newspaper, and other old materials that are prone to becoming damp.
  6. Don’t have carpets or rugs near sinks, pipes, and windows.

Above all, the most important step is to keep an eye out for moisture! Winter mold will feel welcome in environments that are rich with water and humidity. Being aware of the moisture will lessen the risk of mold growth. Mold will most likely grow on paper, cardboard, water, and walls. Be aware of these high-risk areas.

Protect Your Home

Tis the season for winter mold! Make sure to protect your home and family from this potential growth. If you or your family members begin to smell an odd scent, start to experience symptoms from mold allergies, or notice the air becoming moist; contact your local restoration service immediately! At Ram Restoration, our workers will test your home quickly and safely. With proper communication and quick responses, we make sure that your home is protected.

Want to make sure your home and office is safe? Ram Restoration can work with you for mold remediation in the colder months. Found mold in your space? Contact us today for a remediation and restoration of your property.