Frozen Pipes – Avoiding Holiday Water Damage

Frozen Pipes - Avoiding Holiday Water Damage Ram Restoration

Are you planning to travel for the holidays? When you come back home, you don’t want to worry frozen pipes and the potential for burst pipes. At Ram Restoration, we’ll work with you to make sure that if you do have a burst or frozen pipe that the resulting water damage won’t put as much stress on you, your family, or your employees. We can repair and restore both residential water damage and commercial water damage.

Open Cabinets

If you leave for a vacation or your office shuts down for the holidays, one of the ways to avoid frozen pipes is to open the cabinets. This allows for warmer air to reach pipes, which lessens the likelihood of a frozen pipe, thus decreasing your chance of a burst pipe.

Know Proper Heating Temperatures

In order to save money, most people turn their heat down or even off when they leave their home or office for the holidays. Generally, there’s not a problem with turning down the heat. But turning off the heat can cause frozen pipes. If you turn down your heat, the minimum temperature should be 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintain Consistent Temperatures

Finally, you need to maintain consistent temperatures in your home or office to prevent frozen pipes. As mentioned above, it’s important that your space stays at least 55 degrees to avoid pipes freezing. But regularly changing the temperature can also impact pipes freezing. Try to keep the heat set at a consistent temperature to avoid a frozen pipe and the ensuing burst pipe.

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, not a time to think about winter water damage and frozen pipes. But if you do have frozen pipes, you’ll want to find a reliable water damage restoration company. At Ram Restoration, we have fully licensed and insured water damage repair experts. They make sure to arrive on your property quickly to fix the damage. Need water damage repair? Call Ram Restoration today.