How Does Fire Remediation Work?

How Does Fire Remediation Work Ram Restoration

How does fire remediation work? Fire damage is a nightmare. When it happens, it is hard and scary to navigate. The damage that fire causes unfortunately continues after as well. The first two days after the damage are essential for fire remediation. Even with all the stress, it is important to focus on the remediation.  Moreover, a quick and effective emergency response is necessary.


The fire remediation process is lengthy and it is important to get a quick start. Often along with a fire, smoke and acidic soot increase the damage of the building components. Because of that, smoke odor that is left behind causes danger to the property and people in it. Therefore, it has to be taken care of. If left untouched, the odor becomes toxic and injurious to health.

The fire remediation process has three key steps. The first step is to assess the fire damage. Workers will come in and look at the fire damage. In addition to the initial look, workers will evaluate each piece of property. After that, they will provide smoke damage clean up. The parts of the property that are exposed to natural elements will be covered up. For instance, rain and wind contribute to worsening the damage. Therefore, an emergency board up service will be provided. In the end, the building materials that are affected are fixed.

Before and After

We’ve helped many of the homes in the Dayton and Miami Valley with fire damage restoration. See some of our before and after photos.

Fire Remediation Insurance

At Ram Restoration, we understand that there is a lot to deal with in the aftermath of a fire. We will make the process as convenient and painless for you as possible. Ram Restoration will work with your insurance adjuster to make sure that all your claims get treated fairly. We work quickly and efficiently in order to treat the problems caused by smoke and fire.

How does fire remediation work? Navigating fire damage is difficult and frightening. Let us help you. Contact Ram Restoration for all your needs! We will communicate with you throughout the entire process and ensure your satisfaction.