Residential Water Damage Causes

Residential Water Damage Causes Ram Restoration

Have you discovered water damage in your home? The water damage can come from a number of different places. While residential water damage causes happen from different areas, one thing remains consistent: the need to repair the damage fast. At Ram Restoration, we’re known for our ability to act fast when water damage is involved. Typically, we respond within 30 to 60 minutes of your first call to us. Wondering about residential water damage causes? Ram Restoration is here to help.

Leaky Pipes

Have you discovered a leaking pipe in your home? You may not know that the specific pipe is leaking, which will definitely cause water damage in your home. But what you may not know is that it could also cause mold to grow unnoticed behind your walls. With Ram Restoration, we can repair the water damage and will always perform a mold remediation to make sure those around you don’t get sick from mold exposure.

Pipe Bursts

Should a leaky pipe escalate to a pipe burst, you’ll notice the water damage a lot more. Look for discoloration spots on the wall to see if you have water damage in your home. Because the pipe burst makes itself more known than a leaky pipe, you may not have mold that has started to grow, but we’ll still treat for mold to make sure your loved ones don’t get sick from mold exposure.

Backed Up Sump Pumps

If your sump pump gets backed up, it doesn’t move water away from your home as effectively as it should. It starts to hold water and then can cause a flood. Floods can impact different materials around your basement and may need professionally restored. Ram Restoration can help restore documents most important to you.

Old Appliances

The older your appliances in your home, the more likely they’ll cause water damage in your home. As appliances age, they can start to break down and cause water problems in your home. For instance, if your fridge and freezer are older, they may start to break down and slowly leak water out. As the leak grows, it increases the likelihood of water damage to your home.


Weather is another main cause of water damage in your home. If the structure of your home is damaged in any way, it can cause water to enter your home, especially if there’s high volumes of rain or snow. If you have any type of structural damage and notice some of the signs of water damage, you’ll want to contact professionals to take care of the problem. We’ll treat the water damage and any mold that has also started to grow in your home.

Residential water damage causes mean there’s something going on in your home. If you do find water damage, you’ll want to call a professional water damage restoration company to start the restoration and repair process. Since 2002, Ram Restoration has helped homes across Dayton and the surrounding areas repair water damage and remediate any mold. As an all-in-one restoration company, you’ll know exactly who you’ll work with from start to finish during your project. Need residential water damage restoration? Contact Ram Restoration today.