Residential Mold Cleanup Process

Residential Mold Cleanup Process Ram Restoration

Have you found mold in your home? Regardless of the stage the mold is in, you’ll want to call a professional mold remediation company to take care of the damage in your home. When you call Ram Restoration, you get a team of professionals with a set residential mold cleanup process we follow for all mold calls we receive. Since 2002, we’ve helped homes across Dayton and the Miami Valley region with their mold remediation needs and can do the same for your home.

Call Ram Restoration

The first step in the residential mold remediation cleanup process is to call Ram Restoration. We’ll take down your relevant information and listen to your needs and concerns. Our remediation professionals know the best remediation methods. Additionally, they are fully licensed and insured. Since 2002, we’ve helped homes across Dayton and the Miami Valley take care of mold found in their space and can do the same for you.

Inspect Your Space

Once our professionals arrive on your space, they’ll perform an inspection. If you’d like, we can send the mold off for mold testing. If you choose that option, we’ll receive the results about five to eight days after sending the mold sample away for testing. We’ll note where we find mold and see what caused the mold to start growing. Mold starts growing within 24 to 48 hours after excess moisture is in your space.

Perform a Dry Out

The first step we take in our residential mold cleanup process is performing a dry out. We won’t start remediating the space until the water is completely gone, and your space is dry. Because mold thrives in wet environments, it’s crucial to make sure your space is completely dry so mold doesn’t grow back when we leave your home. Only once the water is gone will we start the remediation process.

Start the Remediation

Once we’re sure your space is dry, we’ll start the remediation. We have access to special equipment that can minimize the need to perform a complete tear out, though we still may have to depending on the mold growth in your home. With the mold remediation, we’ll make sure mold spore levels are at an appropriate level before we leave your space.

Prevent Mold from Returning

Finally, we’ll take steps to make sure mold doesn’t return from the same cause. We’ll fix any damage that happened in your space and have other tools to make sure mold doesn’t come back from the same cause again in the future. We want to make sure you feel comfortable in your home without high levels of mold spores.

The residential mold remediation cleanup process from Ram Restoration makes sure mold doesn’t come back from the same cause as the reason why you called us. We work with different homes across the area to make sure mold stays out of your home. If you’ve found mold in your home, we are here to help. Call today to start your mold remediation process. Found mold in your office building? We can help with that as well.