Fire Restoration Contractors

Fire Restoration Contractors Ram Restoration

Fire restoration contractors are home improvement professionals who specialize in restoring the property and belongings after a fire. The aim is to return the affected property to its pre-damaged condition and salvage the damaged items in the minimal possible time.

For high-quality services and effectiveness, however, you must choose your fire remediation company wisely. Here are some are expert tips on hiring the right fire remediation contractor:

Avoid Hiring Cleaning or Construction Companies

General cleaning contractors and construction companies are certainly the best options for renovation projects. But when it comes to property restoration, you can’t take any chances with anyone who doesn’t specialize in the job. This is because the process is largely complex, requiring specialized equipment and certified training that such providers lack.

In fire remediation, for example, the biggest challenges include getting rid of the smoke odor and salvaging fire-damaged possessions. Additionally, you may have to worry about water damage remediation that may have resulted from firefighting. Only a fire restoration contractor has the certified training to deliver all these processes effectively.

Find Someone Who’s Familiar with How Insurance Companies Function

Holding an insurance policy for your property means it’s your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any loss. Next, you have to submit the documents needed to process your insurance claim. Documentation includes an estimate for the fire remediation job from the fire restoration company you hired. If the estimate they give doesn’t meet the standards of the insurance company, chances are your claim will be rejected.

To avoid this, be sure to hire a fire restoration company that has been working with insurance companies and knows what it takes to get the claim accepted.

Verify Their Licensing and Permits

In the restoration industry, you can’t ignore permits and licensing. In many states, they’re a legal requirement for anyone who engages in home restoration activities such as plumbing, structural repairs, etc. Plus, possessing a license is a good indication that the fire restoration contractor you have in mind has the skills and knowledge to expertly deliver the job. You can rest assured that your property is in safe hands that will soon restore its pre-damaged condition.

Yet, if you choose to work with someone who doesn’t have a license, not only will you stay skeptical about the quality of their services, but if their work leads to a mishap, causing further property damage, an injury, or defective work, you will be held responsible for this, not the unlicensed contractor.

Reach Out to Their Clients (Past and Present)

To determine who to work with, try to connect with a past customers. This allows you to find out the quality of service they received and the experience they had with the provider. Additionally, you can learn about project completion time frames and budgets. Obtaining answers to these questions will give you an idea about the service offered by the contractor and simplify your hiring decision.


Now that you’re aware of the top four things to look for when searching for fire restoration contractors, you need not wait any longer, nor should you go anywhere else. At Ram Restoration, we offer excellent fire damage remediation services. To schedule our highly effective restoration services, get in touch today!