24 Hour Water Damage Repair

24 Hour Water Damage Repair Ram Restoration

Do you regularly have water damage issues at home and worry about hiring a 24 hour water damage repair service? Procrastinating on the remediation process only makes the situation worse, resulting in more costly repairs. Read on to know what to expect from a reliable service provider.

Minimizing Health Concerns

Depending on the degree of contamination in standing water, there might be potentially hazardous microorganisms or bacteria. Ultimately, they can cause various health risks. This is why sewage water and flood waters need to be dealt with extreme caution. An experienced 24 hour water damage restoration provider has the knowledge of identifying potential hazards in the water. Then, they can come with proper protective gear to keep themselves safe during the cleanup process.

Through effective remediation and disinfecting, they’ll return your space to its healthy state. Ultimately, you’ll have peace of mind about the safety of everyone.

Minimize Costs with Water Damage Repair

When it comes to water damage restoration, timeliness is the key to minimizing costs. Even a few hours of delay before the remediation process starts can lead to significant damage. Therefore, you’ll have more repair costs. For example, a simple situation that only demanded sanding off and painting on a moisture stain can exacerbate into a case where you may need to consider the reconstruction of an entire drywall section that was damaged.

Remember, mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours of unaddressed water damage. Your goal should be to have the professional restoration work started before that happens.

The best water damage restoration companies respond immediately to emergency calls. This ensures that the scope of damage and the repair costs associated with them remain minimal.

Water Damage Repair Provides Effective Water Extraction and Drying

The best 24 hour water damage repair services rely only on technicians with the tools and training that allow them to get rid of standing water, extract water from furniture and carpets, and render everything dry in as little time as possible. This way, not only will your home structure stay intact and protected from structural damage but your belongings will also be salvaged.

Effective Mold Remediation

If the water damage issue in your space does lead to mold invasion, a reliable water damage restoration company will help you with that too. From beneath the wooden siding to behind the sink and ceilings, mold can start growing anywhere. Since some mold varieties are irritating or toxic allergens, trying to remove them on your own can prove risky. Any amount of exposure can have undesirable implications for you and your family.

No matter how complicated the situation is, a water damage restoration company will remediate the space and address the mold source so that the problem doesn’t occur again.


By now, you should have understood the value of a 24 hour water damage repair service. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for all your water damage issues, reach out to Ram Restoration. We’ll address all your existing and future moisture damage remediation needs sooner than you think.