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Garage & Car Port Construction Services

Ram Restoration is your solution for garage remodeling or garage construction in Fort Myers, Florida and the south-Dayton, Ohio area. Ram Restoration has the knowledge and experience to ensure your new garage does what you need, and looks good doing it.

Most homeowners in both Florida and Ohio would agree that having a garage is a solution to many storage problems. A garage acts as space to park your car. However, garages have much more purpose. Garages allow you to stow away different types of equipment. Also, it acts as storage for items that take up too much space inside your home. For those lucky enough to park their car in a garage, the protection from Ohio and Florida's unpredictable weather serves as a major benefit. Whether you are trying to protect your car from snow or tropical storms, Ram Restoration is here to build the perfect shelter for your vehicle!

The Ram Restoration Design-Build Team

They have the experience in garage construction in Dayton, Ohio. The team designed various garage solutions for many homeowners in the area. Our Dayton garage remodeling and garage addition projects have included attached garages, detached garages, two-car brick garages, simple one-car vinyl siding garages, and more. Additionally, we understand that garage construction requires zoning approvals and building permits. Also, we make sure to install a proper masonry foundation with a concrete slab for parking. Contact us today to get started on designing and building the garage you’ve always wanted.

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For an inexpensive garage shelter solution, some Centerville, Springboro, and Dayton homeowners prefer to have a carport constructed. For those with an existing attached carport, we can convert it to an enclosed garage. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective method. On the other hand, in cases where the homeowner wishes to replace their carport with a new garage, our design team will work together to customize a smart garage solution for your home. In any case, our team is happy to assist you in deciding on the best garage solution to shelter your car and belongings.

If you are looking for a detached garage in Dayton, Ohio, our team can design it to enhance your existing property and landscape. Additionally, we can even build your detached garage to include a refreshing outdoor space for a patio or garden retreat. Also, connecting the garage with fencing or garden barriers can make your yard a more private and attractive landscape. Overall, a carefully designed and built garage will complement and add to the atmosphere of your home, adding function and practical space for your daily enjoyment.

When building attached garages, constructing a two-car garage is often more economical than a one-car garage. After all, you will get more usable space versus the amount of money invested. When it comes to the design, we consider the home architecture first. By using the same roof pitch as the house, the garage serves as an integrated enhancement of the home’s current style. Also, it helps to enhance your Centerville, Springboro, or Dayton home’s value and curb appeal.

Whatever your vision, the Ram Restoration design-build team is ready to create a garage solution that will bring you satisfaction and convenience for years to come.

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our construction and remodeling professionals. We can guide you through the process from design to construction.