What is a Flood?

What is a Flood Ram Restoration

When you think of floods, the first thing that comes to mind is a natural event such as a heavy storm, melting snow or ice, or ocean waves swallowing the shore, resulting in water encroaching on otherwise dry land. However, flooding extends beyond natural factors. For example, if a failure in your plumbing system goes undetected, it can lead to a flooded indoor space. Similarly,

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Flood Damage from April Showers

Flood Damage from April Showers Ram Restoration

Has heavy rain fall affected your home or office? At Ram Restoration, we’re used to flood damage from April showers. But we know that you may not have the tools to restore and repair your space after a flood. We have emergency flood damage restoration experts ready to help 24 hours a day seven days a week. Need flood damage restoration because of heavy rains?

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What is Considered Water Damage

What is Considered Water Damage Ram Restoration

Do you think you have water damage in your home or office? Now is the time of year where people start to think about if there’s water damage with the recent increase of rain in the area as the spring season arrives in the Miami Valley region. Wondering what is considered water damage and if you need a professional opinion? At Ram Restoration, we always

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