What is a Flood?

What is a Flood Ram Restoration

When you think of floods, the first thing that comes to mind is a natural event such as a heavy storm, melting snow or ice, or ocean waves swallowing the shore, resulting in water encroaching on otherwise dry land. However, flooding extends beyond natural factors. For example, if a failure in your plumbing system goes undetected, it can lead to a flooded indoor space. Similarly,

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Flooding and Dehumidifiers

Flooding and Dehumidifiers Ram Restoration

When a flood happens in your home, you want to act fast to prevent any water damage and mold growth. At Ram Restoration, we understand that. That’s why we respond quickly to any flooding call we receive. Once we stop the flooding, we work to eliminate the water in your home or office. One way to help remove the water from the flooded area is

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