What is Mold?

What is Mold Ram Restoration

Have you ever been greeted by a patch of gray fuzz resting on top of the sour cream container in your fridge? If you’re like most others, you likely had an unpleasant feeling and some anger about food getting wasted. But what exactly is this hairy organism and why should you care about its presence in your home? This is exactly what you’re going to

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Spring Mold Risks

Spring Mold Risks Ram Restoration

Mold is a type of fungus that’s present all around us, both indoors and outdoors. It proliferates faster than most homeowners think, and spreads via tiny spores that travel through the air and ultimately infests surfaces that are damp and contain moisture. While mold itself can be a health hazard for people, spring mold risks tend to be more severe. You might be wondering how

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What is Involved with Mold Remediation

What is Involved with Mold Remediation Ram Restoration

What is involved with mold remediation? Mold remediation is an intricate and detailed process. It involves three steps; mold removal, mold remediation and mold clean up. After these three steps, restoration and recovery is essential to restoring your property to its best form. Mold remediation can be a long, difficult and taxing service. Ram Restoration is here to make it easy and painless for you.

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