Spring Mold Risks

Spring Mold Risks Ram Restoration

Mold is a type of fungus that’s present all around us, both indoors and outdoors. It proliferates faster than most homeowners think, and spreads via tiny spores that travel through the air and ultimately infests surfaces that are damp and contain moisture. While mold itself can be a health hazard for people, spring mold risks tend to be more severe. You might be wondering how

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Mold Exposure vs. Allergies

Mold Exposure vs. Allergies Ram Restoration

Mold exposure is a serious problem for you and your family. When you’re exposed to mold, it starts an immune response in your body. The immune response is even more serious for people that have a mold allergy. It’s important to know if you’ve been exposed to mold and developed a mold allergy or if you have regular allergies. If you’ve been exposed to mold

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