24 Hour Water Damage Repair

24 Hour Water Damage Repair Ram Restoration

Do you regularly have water damage issues at home and worry about hiring a 24 hour water damage repair service? Procrastinating on the remediation process only makes the situation worse, resulting in more costly repairs. Read on to know what to expect from a reliable service provider. Minimizing Health Concerns Depending on the degree of contamination in standing water, there might be potentially hazardous microorganisms

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Checking for Damage in Your Home

Checking for Damage in Your Home Ram Restoration

When it comes to checking for damage in your home, it’s never a bad idea. A regular check-up will ensure safety and prevent intense home damage. There are two main areas in your house to keep track of. Use this article as a check-list for your home inspections. Window Inspection The recommended time for window inspection varies depending on several factors. However, it is usually

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Why Drying Out Your Home Matters

Why Drying Out Your Home Matters Ram Restoration

Has your home recently flooded? Acting fast will help make sure that nothing too serious happens to your home. Another way to ensure that nothing too major happens is by contacting an experienced water damage restoration company to help with the repairs. At Ram Restoration, we have a set process we go through during the water damage restoration and repair and mold remediation of your

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