Dayton Water Damage Cleanup for Summer

Dayton Water Damage Cleanup for Summer Ram Restoration

Have summer storms affected your home or office? The Miami Valley is notorious for its summer storms that may cause water damage or mold growth in residential or commercial buildings. When you need Dayton water damage cleanup, Ram Restoration is the best water damage contractor to choose. Our restoration professionals will work with you around the clock to restore and repair your location while making

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What is Considered Water Damage

What is Considered Water Damage Ram Restoration

Do you think you have water damage in your home or office? Now is the time of year where people start to think about if there’s water damage with the recent increase of rain in the area as the spring season arrives in the Miami Valley region. Wondering what is considered water damage and if you need a professional opinion? At Ram Restoration, we always

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Checking for Damage in Your Home

Checking for Damage in Your Home Ram Restoration

When it comes to checking for damage in your home, it’s never a bad idea. A regular check-up will ensure safety and prevent intense home damage. There are two main areas in your house to keep track of. Use this article as a check-list for your home inspections. Window Inspection The recommended time for window inspection varies depending on several factors. However, it is usually

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