Roof Water Damage Causes

Roof Water Damage Causes Ram Restoration

When it comes to your home, certain areas are more prone to water damage compared to others. For instance, your roof and your basement are two of the more common areas many people experience water damage. When it comes to roof water damage, you need to stay diligent and keep an eye on things to prevent extensive damage, especially after periods of high rain. At

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Hidden Water Damage

Hidden Water Damage Ram Restoration

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see any water damage as it forms. However, not everyone is that lucky. Sometimes, the water damage builds up in hard to see places. Hidden water damage is sometimes more dangerous than visible water damage simply because you can’t see it, leaving the water damage is grow more and more over time. Whether your water damage is visible

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Why Response Time Matters

Why Response Time Matters Ram Restoration

When it comes to treating water damage, the response time from the restoration company you choose is crucial. The faster your restoration team gets to your space, the sooner they can start working on repairing the water damage and making sure there isn’t any mold growing in your space. At Ram Restoration, we are proud of our 30 to 60 minute response time we aim

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